O God, hear my prayer; give ear to the words of my mouth.  Psalm 54:2

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Kim received Jan 5, 2024

Prayed for 2 times

Destiny’s surgery went well! Praise God. This morning she developed a fever. Please continue to pray for healing .

Kim received Dec 30, 2023

Prayed for 4 times

My friend and co-worker(Destiny) at Uriah Daycare is scheduled for brain surgery on Jan 3rd. Please pray for her . She is very upset for this procedure. And her husband will be caring for their 3 little children during her hospital stay. Our Lord s hand be upon them! Thank you!

Dan received Oct 11, 2023

Prayed for 5 times

Join Us in Praying for Israel and Gaza...Lord, we raise Israel and Gaza to you, and pray for those suffering. We ask that you provide peace in this crisis, and protection and comfort for all those who have been impacted. We lift our prayer to you,

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Lisa Bankert received Aug 31, 2023

Prayed for 8 times

Please pray for my daughter, Katlynn. She was in an automobile accident. She has a fractured ankle and a fractured bone under her eye. Many bruises and bumps. She has doctor appointments today and tomorrow for her face and ankle. Overall she is in good spirits. She is managing walking on crutches. Please pray for the doctors and the direction we need to take for these injuries.

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James D Depue received Aug 11, 2023

Prayed for 10 times

PTL - the biopsy revealed the same type of cancer Tammy currently has. Tammy Hunley had a scan today (8/11) that revealed a significanly enlarged lymph node in her neck. A biopsy is being pursued which will reveal additional details. When Dan was asked, "on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest level his of concern, how do you see Tammy's health situation?", he answered, "5-plus". Please pray for both of them!

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Steve Murtoff received Jul 15, 2023

Prayed for 2 times

Please pray for my oldest brother Dick, who had what is being described as a ministroke this morning (July 15).

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Jeannine received Jul 12, 2023

Prayed for 9 times

My Uncle Earl, my Dad’s brother passed away last night. Prayers for family please. Thankfully he knew the Lord as his savior and is in heaven with no suffering.