The resources below are used on a regular basis at Grace Bible Chapel.  Other resources will be posted as they become available.

Nehemiah Sermon Series

Pastor Matt’s series on the book of Nehemiah has been published as a free e-book.

Right click the picture and click “Save Link As” to download; see below picture for installation instructions.

 Nehemiah Cover 2

Download the MOBI format file to your computer (right click picture and choose “Save Link As” from menu).  Then…

Option 1 — Email to Kindle:

~ Find your Kindle name and Kindle email address ie. (open your kindle app, select settings you will see, send to Kindle email address) your address is below that.)
~ Close the kindle app.
~ Attach the file to a e-mail message and send it to your Kindle’s e-mail address (e.g.  The document is automatically transferred to your Kindle.
~ Open your Kindle app you should see the book in “all items”.
(A few minutes may be required for the process to complete.)

Option 2 — Transfer by connecting your Kindle to your computer:

~ Using the USB/charging cable provided with the Kindle, connect your Kindle to the computer.
~ Drag and drop the file to your Kindle’s “documents” folder, using your computer’s file browser.
~ When done, eject the Kindle’s disk icon (right-click on the icon and choose “Eject.”).