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Get to know our pastor, Matt Jury…

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How did God bring you to Grace Bible Chapel?
I had been serving as the pastor of Fairview Bible Church in Lewistown, PA for four years. I could sense that the Lord had other things in store for me, but I had no idea what those things would be. So, I continued to serve faithfully as the pastor of the dear folks at Fairview. I received a call from Grace Chapel’s pulpit committee, inquiring about the possibility to serve as their pastor. For the next six months both the pulpit committee and I went through a deliberate, prayerful process of communication.  Grace Bible Chapel wanted change, and they asked me to come to be their pastor to lead them through that change.

Where did you meet your wife?
My wife Lee and I met as freshmen in Bible college. We sat next to each other in a class and learned that her pastor had once been my youth pastor. That sparked a conversation, which lead to other conversations, which led to a first date. Three years later, I asked Lee to marry me, and by God’s grace she answered affirmatively! Lee is a monument to the grace of God in my life.

What is your favorite Sunday afternoon activity?
That is an easy question to answer: napping and football (and usually both at the same time!). After a busy day of ministry, I like to have a cold cup of Coca Cola and to relax in my recliner. It is not uncommon for me to drift off to sleep while watching football.

What is your favorite church event of the year?
There are several activities at the church which I really enjoy: our fireside services, our days of prayer, our annual missions conference called World Outreach Week or WOW for short. I believe my favorite church event is actually a season. I love the Christmas holiday. I love all of the festivity, the decorations, and excitement. I enjoy the Christmas cantata and Candlelight Service. I love this season because it is all about the way in which the good news of the Gospel came to mankind.

What is the most amazing thing that Jesus Christ has done for you?
The most amazing thing that Jesus has done for me is that He purchased my redemption. Jesus did this through living a perfect life, dying a perfect death in my place, and then rising from the tomb to live forever more. In doing so He offered to me a relationship with the Father in such a way that the Father looks upon and accepts me as He does His own Son. When I placed my faith in such amazing love and grace, God saved me!